soraruru: 電車でとなりに乗ってる幼女がとてもかわいい 欲しい

soraru: the little girl riding the train next to me is really cute. i want

soraruru: 子どもの髪の毛って細くて柔らかそうでかわいいですよね

soraru: a child’s hair looks thin and soft. it’s cute isn’t it~

soraruru: 年取る毎に子どもが可愛く思えるようになるのは生物の本能なのかな 昔はそんなに好きじゃなかったんだけどな

soraru: i wonder if it’s the instinct of an organism to think that “children are cute” as they grow older. i didn’t like them that much in the past.

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By lilicho

※Permission to upload this illustration was given by the artist.

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Soraru: They’re asking if you can say a tongue twister.

Lon: A tongue twister?

Soraru: Yeah, say, "Aka pajama, ki pajama, cha pajama"

Lon: … Aka jaba—

Soraru: Pfff— that was on purpose, right? www It was on purpose, right?

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@soraruru 花火なうwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Soraru: Fireworks nau wwww

@soraruru うそです

Soraru: I lied

@soraruru 家です

Soraru: I’m at home

konichi-wa-yuujin sent:

Hey Ann, I'm just checking up on you, I hadn't heard from you for a week, I'm worry that something bad happened, so I'm checking to make sure nothing bad happened, I really hope you're safe ♥♥♥

There was a typhoon here in my place last last week, and I don’t have internet connection for almost 2 weeks. I’m happy that I am back

I’m back! I wonder if someone miss me here

I feel like dying for two weeks because I don’t have internet connection. I missed a lot of things from my multi-fandom. I don’t know where to start. My schedule is pretty hectic too. /sigh

Anyway I’m glad my internet is back!



終焉ノ栞詩 欠落-Re:code-

Shuuen no Shiori  Lost -Re:code-




E-ki, from the Film Club, successfully releases their independent film, and leisurely enjoys the last day of the Culture Festival. After the school festival is over, the club members begin filming again. They sneak into the school at night to film an alternate ending, but a piercing scream tears apart fact from fiction…

Kyungsoo killing everyone with his creepy modeling skill



@suzumun 優しい人になれない (@uni_mafumafu)

Suzumu: A person that will never be kind (@Mafumafu)



My life forever with these Utaite singers


i wish i can just read good novels, watch great movies, listen to my favorite songs, travel, see beautiful things, eat whenever im hungry and sleep when im tired but no no, i have to go to school, graduate, find a job and struggle. 


this asshole

[gestures to favorite character]

@cocolu_nico: かみのけばさばさ

Cocolu: Hair is dry

some may find you lazy and rude, but you know better—you’re just efficient and smart! you are highly skilled at slacking off in life but still getting things done. as a result, you have all the time in the world to waste away and to do whatever you want.
—Lee so ra, ROOMMATE. (via ygfandom)