終焉ノ栞詩 欠落-Re:code-

Shuuen no Shiori  Lost -Re:code-




E-ki, from the Film Club, successfully releases their independent film, and leisurely enjoys the last day of the Culture Festival. After the school festival is over, the club members begin filming again. They sneak into the school at night to film an alternate ending, but a piercing scream tears apart fact from fiction…

Kyungsoo killing everyone with his creepy modeling skill



@suzumun 優しい人になれない (@uni_mafumafu)

Suzumu: A person that will never be kind (@Mafumafu)



My life forever with these Utaite singers


i wish i can just read good novels, watch great movies, listen to my favorite songs, travel, see beautiful things, eat whenever im hungry and sleep when im tired but no no, i have to go to school, graduate, find a job and struggle. 


this asshole

[gestures to favorite character]

@cocolu_nico: かみのけばさばさ

Cocolu: Hair is dry

some may find you lazy and rude, but you know better—you’re just efficient and smart! you are highly skilled at slacking off in life but still getting things done. as a result, you have all the time in the world to waste away and to do whatever you want.
—Lee so ra, ROOMMATE. (via ygfandom)


everyone’s getting into relationships and you know what im getting? some more food brb


Translator Huang taking over  (Xiumin, you need subtittles…or Luhan!)

@miya__sky: @soraruru なかなかそらるさんににてる人もフォロワーさんが教えてくれますよw

Miya__sky: Probably some of your followers will be able to tell that it’s quite resemble Soraru-san

@soraruru: これモデルやってたころのですね! RT @miya__sky: @soraruru なかなかそらるさんににてる人もフォロワーさんが教えてくれますよw

Soraru: It was one of the time when I did model for this!

@soraruru: もちろんやってません! RT @e_myui0: @soraruru え!そらるさんモデルやってたんですか!??!

e_myui0: Eh! Soraru-san’s modelling!??!

Soraru: Of course not

Oreki Houtarou + Food

(Source: shizutanii)

In the future, when we’re old, we might not be able to dance or sing well. We might have lost our popularity. But I still wish to be an EXO member until then.
— Kai, Happy Camp 140705 (via hypertone)


Baekhyun crowned the roommate from hell ~

I don’t know how long is forever, but I only know to cherish every single moment with you guys by my side.
— Zhang Yixing “Lay” (HappyCamp 2014)