How can you not smile laugh as well when you see this?

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when ask boxes aren’t open aaaa….

Earlier, Soraru posted a selfie, which he rarely does, but ended up taking it down a couple minutes later because he was embarrassed of showing his face after all.
(If I heard right in his nama, the reason he decided to post one at all was because if you search そらる(Soraru) in like Google images, a lot of different results come up—fanart, actual RL pictures of him from the photoshoot for the Zetsubousei single, but some irrelevant RL photos like… other utaite, cosplayers, other unrelated peoples’ photos that crop up too, so he posted that actual photo of himself on Twitter to prove what he really looks like, so that people don’t mistake someone else for him through what they find through searches.)

But like I mentioned, he took it down because of embarrassment in the end. It’s fine if you managed to save the photo before he took it down (feel free to keep it for personal fangirl/boying purposes, or share it privately with friends), but please do not reupload it onto Tumblr or anywhere else. This is true for almost anyone’s photos of themselves, but it’s especially disrespectful since he deleted it, meaning he already wasn’t comfortable with it going around so much on Twitter, and certainly wouldn’t be happy to see it reuploaded on another site.

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sorairo muffler previews:
original song / a blue-green colored melancholy




Today I was out walking in short shorts, and I heard some girls whisper as they walked by. ‘Ugh, why would she even wear shorts if they are gonna show off her gross stretch marks?’ Hearing things like this makes me so angry.

Let me clarify that my stretch marks are not gross. They are little stripes on my skin that my loving boyfriend cannot seem to stop kissing or running his fingers over.

Everyday I look at them covering my thighs and bum, all I can think of is how I have now lost the weight that I had once gained so quickly, shedding it off with eating better and exercise.

Please, anyone, when you see someone out walking or doing exercise and they have stretch marks on them, don’t make fun of them. 

Stretch marks are not something to look down upon. They do not always occur on people who have gained weight. People get them from gaining muscle too quickly as well, and losing weight too fast. They are not ugly. They are not ‘gross.’ They are a sign of growth.



(suho/d.o./chanyeol/kai ft.others)


Can you recite the area ratio formula? 
Can you recite your dreams as a child? 
Who threw those dreams down the drain, 
Hey, who was it? 
But I already know 

Happy one year anniversary!!

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I never expecting this, seeing myself supporting a korean boy group. I’m not into Kpop, yes I listened a few of them, but I’m starting to appreciate their songs.  I’m still new to this fandom, there are lots of things I don’t understand. Hopefully, I’ll make friends here. And yes, more power to Shinee, EXO and BTS!

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vocaloid fandom like rose from the fuckin shadows like OUR TIME HAS COME


momoiiro sent:

I hope you feel better about your job and things soon! >.< Please get plenty of rest, and thank you for your wonderful posts.

Even tho I don’t post a lot lately, and even reblogged all those EXO stuff. Thank you. And yes, I’ll enjoy my time to rest. ^ ^

pokkoo-shuu said: Ahh.. You should find a job that you like!! (i know i’m making it sound easy even though it’s not) and try to rest well every night, i like drinking milk before i sleep because it helps! Will be supporting you here from tumblr!! 頑張って!!!

Thank you! I’m trying my best to sleep early. I’ll discipline myself to sleep early, I’m such a stubborn you see. wwww

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EXO-K - 중독 (Overdose) Highlight Medley

When I was college, even tho I had sleepless night I was full of energy. I don’t feel tired at all. But now that I’m working adult, whenever I don’t have enough sleep I always feel dizzy and nauseous. And lately, the first I thing to do in the morning is to vomit. And no, I’m not pregnant. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I never had. So helpless. I’m so f****** tired today and everyday. I feel like dying. I’m considering to quit my job.

Money is the only motivation why I’m still working even tho I really really really want to quit.

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Soraru: With Mafumafu and sushi nau

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chen’s mom said she loves kyungsoo ^^

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